Trump blames Democrats for why Republican senators can't stand Mick Mulvaney
Mick Mulvaney (MSNBC)

Budget director Mick Mulvaney has been acting as the chief of staff to the president for 2019, but according to President Donald Trump, he completely understands why people don't like the former South Carolina Congressman.

The conservative Washington Examiner wrote Friday that Trump won't say how he feels about Mulvaney.

Writers with the Examiner asked Trump in an Oval Office interview if he was happy with the work Mulvaney was doing.

“Happy?” he asked. “I don’t want to comment on it.”

Trump rambled on about his senior advisers are dealing with some "bedlam" but that it was normal given the number of investigations he's under.

The Examiner asked about Republican senators, who are unhappy with the work Mulvaney is doing.

“I could see that,” Trump confessed.

Trump previously mocked former President Barack Obama for having three chiefs of staff over the course of his eight years in the White House. Mulvaney is Trump's third chief of staff in just three years.

He went on to say that any problems with the senior staff is due to Democrats investigating him.

“We had scumbags after us," Trump said.

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