Trump's lie about 'doctored' impeachment transcripts debunked by impeachment witnesses' lawyers
Fiona Hill -- MSNBC screenshot

President Donald Trump on Monday falsely accused Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) of releasing "doctored" transcripts of impeachment inquiry witnesses and then bizarrely suggested that Republicans release their own versions of the transcripts.

"Shifty Adam Schiff will only release doctored transcripts," the president wrote on Twitter. "We haven’t even seen the documents and are restricted from (get this) having a lawyer."

Trump presented no evidence to back up his claim that Schiff had done something to alter the transcripts, which show that multiple administration officials testified that the Trump administration was withholding aid to Ukraine until its government agreed to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden.

The Daily Beast now reports that Robert Luskin, the attorney representing Trump's European Union ambassador Gordon Sondland, says he has found no errors or omissions in his client's transcript.

"No reason to believe that the transcript was altered, and the clarification was released in the form that it was submitted," he said.

And Lee Wolosky, an attorney representing former National Security Council official Fiona Hill, similarly says that the transcript released of her testimony has been accurate.

"We have seen nothing to suggest that Dr. Hill’s transcript was altered (beyond routine correction of errata)," he tells the Daily Beast.