A growing civil war is developing among America's evangelical Christians -- and Trump could pay the price
People worshiping (Photo: PxHere)

In the wake of Christianity Today's earth-moving editorial calling for the removal of President Trump, the President fired back and attacked the widely-revered evangelical outlet as a "far left magazine, or very ‘progressive'" magazine," and claimed that no president "has done more for the Evangelical community, and it’s not even close."

In a piece published this Thursday, Steve Bennen posits that Trump was angry at more than just a harsh critique from a widely-read publication; "he also seemed concerned about a division among politically active Christian evangelicals, whose support he sees as a core element of his Republican base."

"As he heads into a re-election year, Trump expects this voting bloc to march in lock step behind him, and the Christianity Today’s editorial represented dissension the president apparently sees as dangerous," Benen writes.

Benen points out that while Trump's support amongst evangelicals stands alone from his overall public support, the growing divide over Trump in the evangelical community is "exactly what the president’s re-election campaign hoped to avoid."

Read his full op-ed over at MSNBC.com.