'Art of the Deal' Trump should make the ultimate deal to prevent impeachment: report

According to Vanity Fair columnist William D. Cohan, President Trump should resign from the presidency now because "impeachment is forever."

In a piece published this Tuesday, Cohan argues that Trump "abdicating" the White House "still makes a lot of completely objective sense."

"He will most certainly be impeached by the House whenever that vote comes. ... The fact that the Republicans in the Senate will allow him to get away with his impeachable offenses is not a good reason for why he should continue to stick around the Oval Office," Cohan writes. "Impeachment is forever. It’s for the history books. He can’t erase it from his tombstone, regardless of whether the Senate lets him slide on the removal from office part of the equation. It’s a permanent status humiliation—his own particular, inescapable circle of hell. He’ll be a world-historic loser."

According to Cohan, Trump cutting a deal with top Democrats to "drop impeachment proceedings" in exchange for his leaving office would allow him to "secure a few more side deals," which could include "an agreement that he will not be prosecuted when he returns to Trump Tower, and an agreement that his children won’t be prosecuted either."

"He might be able to secure an agreement to keep the books and records of the Trump Organization from seeing the light of day, and, of course, to keep his tax returns—the pieces of paper he seems to care more about than any other—out of the public realm."

"With his agreement to depart in place, Trump will then be able to claim, with some justification, that he did an admirable job as president," Cohan adds. "He’ll be able to go out on a high note, just like George Costanza always wanted to do."

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