Conservative: Democrats are wasting time attacking each other when they should be warning the public about Trump
The party of US President Donald Trump has suffered stinging electoral defeats. (AFP/File / MANDEL NGAN)

On Thursday, former Jeb Bush adviser and Republican National Committee spokesman Tim Miller, a Never Trump conservative, penned a dire warning in The Bulwark, castigating Democrats for not responding to the threat of President Donald Trump with the force or unity that they should.

"Last year the apartment complex that was under construction behind my condo was torched to the ground in the dead of night. Flames engulfed the block and little balls of fire began raining down into our courtyard as if the End Times had cometh," wrote Miller. "When the firemen came to evacuate us, we did not spend a few hours searching their twitter archives for problematic tweets before accepting their assistance. We didn’t make sure that we brought every single item from the house with us. After-all, this was an actual emergency. So we grabbed the essentials as quickly as possible, ensured everyone was safe, and followed the instructions of the professionals who were trying to keep our home from burning to the ground."

That stands in stark contrast, Miller wrote, to how Democrats have conducted politics under Trump — even though they say he represents the same sort of emergency on a national scale. "When you look at the behavior of the candidates and their partisans, does it match what you would expect from people in the midst of a crisis that threatens the foundations of the country? It sure seems like a big bowl of No to me."

"To take just one, exceedingly minor, example, last week I wrote a piece that mocked some of the more absurd attacks that have been levied against Pete Buttigieg from his Twitter antagonists," wrote Miller. "The response to me pointing out that This guy over here trying to beat Trump is being attacked unfairly was for more people who say they’re trying to beat Trump to lose their minds about how awful it was that Mayor Pete was being defended by a Bush lackey in a neocon rag."

"And it’s not just Mayor Pete!" continued Miller. "Elizabeth Warren is getting dragged for making money as a consultant (a real consultant, not a Hunter-Biden consultant). Everyone on Twitter has basically decided that Joe Biden is somehow unfit for office even though he’s a year younger than Bernie Sanders and was considered beyond reproach for the 8 years he was a heartbeat away from presidency."

"All of which is why I have the sneaking suspicion that a lot of Democrats don’t actually view Trump as a unique crisis," wrote Miller. "Or rather: They don’t view him as being more than a difference in degree from the “emergency-crisis” Republicans always represent. For these Democrats, all of Republican/conservatism has been inevitably leading to Trump and the only difference between Trump and, say, George H.W. Bush, is that Trump says the quiet part out loud."

However, Miller continued, "Actual emergencies require sacrifice. They require willingness to work with people that you have major differences with to achieve a solution. They require hard choices and reflection about what you are willing to part with to come out the other side."

"I believe Donald Trump is an actual emergency," concluded Miller. "I hope Democrats who agree will start acting like it."