Couple calls 911 after mistaking new robot vacuum for home intruder
Oregon police body cam footage of officers facing off against robot vacuum (Photo: Screen capture)

A North Carolina couple freaked out and called police when they mistook their robot vacuum for an intruder during the holiday season.

In a hilarious Associated Press piece, the couple's horror was detailed in rhyme, to the cadence of Twas the Night Before Christmas.

"'Twas the night of Christmas at a North Carolina house, no creature should have been stirring, not even a mouse. But a Forsyth County couple awoke with a fright, as something was moving about their house in the night. They dashed to their closet and hid in fear, dialing 911 with a sensitive ear."

According to police, the robot vacuum got stuck and started beeping and banging around as it worked to free itself.

"Sir, I have one question," police said, according to a retelling of the story.

The homeowner replied, "sure," he said with "adrenaline flowing rapidly,"

"Is this ROOMBA yours?" the officer asked.

“In honor of this event, we decided to name our robot vacuum Harry, the sticky bandit from ’Home Alone,’” homeowners Thomas and Elisa Milam wrote on Facebook.

It isn't the first time robot vacuums have been mistaken for robbers. In April, police walked through a home with guns drawn, toward the bathroom where homeowners said the robber was cornered. They too discovered the ROOMBA was the suspected robber.

You can see the full story from the couple below as well as the April bodycam video from the Oregon vacuum attack.