Democrats should drive Trump insane by keeping impeachment hearings in the House: columnist

Daily Beast columnist Margaret Carlson has written a new piece in which she argues that Democrats should resist the temptation to quickly pass articles of impeachment and then move on to other issues.

Instead, Carlson argues that Democrats should wait out witnesses who have so far refused to testify in order to keep the president's misconduct in the spotlight and further drive him crazy.

"A report like the one Democrats released today would be a terrible thing to waste," she writes. "It’s a compelling narrative of a president who will do anything, sacrifice any principle, jeopardize any ally, abuse any power to win re-election... for once, Democrats should keep the clock running instead of letting Trump run it out."

What would this look like? According to Carlson, it would mean tracking down all possible leads before sending impeachment articles over to the Senate.

"Wait for those witnesses who were in the room to be ordered to appear to give their first-hand accounts," she writes. "Take time to follow up on the AT&T logs, which can’t lie, of the type which frequently crack a case on Law & Order, a trail of calls from Nunes (who should be treated as an accomplice now) to Rudy, to the indicted Lev Parnas, to the White House, none likely to be 'perfect.'"

Read the whole column here.