‘DESPICABLE’: Melania Trump finally responded to her husband bullying a teenager – and people are pissed
First Lady Melania Trump wearing a "pith helmet" during her trip to Africa.

First lady Melania Trump was blasted online for refusing to stand up to her husband's attacks on teenager Greta Thunberg, who has become a climate activist demanding a cleaner future for her generation.

The first lady's campaign "Be Best," is supposed to fight bullying, but when it comes to the bullying by her husband, Mrs. Trump has a blind spot. She explained in a tweet Friday that since Thunberg is an activist she deserves whatever she gets. By contrast, no one can mention her son with the president.

Mrs. Trump and the president's children lashed out at a constitutional law professor for using Barron Trump's name as an example of the president's power. "He can name his son Barron he cannot make him a baron." The first lady called it "an attack on a minor child." The professor later apologized for daring to say the president's son's name in public.

It drew attention to the fact that the president is considered by some to be a horrible father.

But when Trump raged at Thunberg for beating him for TIME's Person of the Year, it wasn't considered bullying, something the internet called absurd. #BeBest began trending nationally as the first lady was ripped for refusing to follow her own example.

You can see the tweets below: