Ex-FBI lawyer Lisa Page takes victory lap after IG report clears her of conspiracy to frame Trump
Lisa Page (Photo: Screen capture)

Former FBI lawyer Lisa Page, who has been a target of frequent criticism from President Donald Trump, is taking a victory lap after Inspector General Michael Horowitz's report cleared her of any wrongdoing.

Page was accused by both Republican lawmakers and the president himself of being part of a "deep state" plot to undermine Trump after it was revealed that she sent text messages that disparaged Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign.

However, the IG's report concluded that Page had no significant influence over the FBI's decision to launch an investigation into the Trump campaign's multiple contacts with Russian agents in 2016.

"In this review, we found that, while Lisa Page attended some of the discussions regarding the opening of the investigations, she did not play a role in the decision to open Crossfire Hurricane or the four individual cases," the report states.

In response to this, Page took a shot at GOP critics who alleged that she corruptly pushed to lead investigations into a presidential candidate whom she personally disliked.

"The sum total of findings by IG Horowitz that my personal opinions had any bearing on the course of either the Clinton or Russia investigations? Zero and Zero," she wrote on Twitter.