Former ‘America First’ Senate candidate arrested for domestic violence for a second time

A Maine man who was gearing up to challenge Susan Collins (R-ME) for her Senate seat has been charged with domestic violence -- for the second time, reports.

On Sunday, 45-year-old Derek Levasseur was arrested and booked at the Fairfield Police Station on a domestic violence assault charge. He was later released on bail.

Levasseur announced his Senate bid earlier this year touting an “America First” platform, making him the first Republican to challenge Collins since she was elected in 1996. He later quit the race, blaming pressure from "party elites." According to the police report, he was involved in a “domestic situation” inside a residence when he was arrested.

Levasseur was also arrested in 2012 after 4 people were injured in an altercation -- at his own wedding reception -- one of whom was his daughter who was a minor at the time. He was charged with domestic violence, furnishing liquor to a minor, and five counts of assault. He was later released on $100 bail.

At the time of his 2012 arrest, he was a reserve officer for the Clinton Police Department.