What would the GOP do if Trump actually shot someone? A former government ethics chief explains
President Donald Trump speaking at his 'Make America Great Again' campaign rally in Orlando, Florida (screengrab)

President Donald Trump infamously said in 2016 that his supporters were so loyal that he could shoot someone in broad daylight and not lose any support.

Walter Shaub, who served as chief of the Government Ethics Office under former President Barack Obama, hilariously imagined how elected Republicans would react if Trump actually did shoot someone on 5th Avenue.

"It was indecorous of the president to shoot someone on Fifth Avenue," Shaub said, imagining a scripted GOP response. "I would have preferred he not do that. In the strongest possible terms, I add that I find it to be generally inconsistent with the higher aims of responsible governance. And you can quote me on that."

Shaub then added, "I furrow the brow."

Former federal prosecutor Ken White replied to Shaub with his own parody of a Republican response to the president shooting someone.

"The fact that you would openly judge the president without due process of law shows your partisan bias," he wrote sarcastically. "In addition, it is impossible to evaluate the President shooting someone on live TV when we still don’t know who called the police and who that person voted for."