Georgia men booted from National Guard units over white nationalist ties
White nationalists in Washington, D.C. -- via Shutterstock

Two Georgia men were booted out of the Army National Guard after their white nationalist associations were revealed.

Dalton Woodward and Trent East were outed by online activists as members of the neo-pagan sect Asatru Folk Assembly earlier this year, and Army investigators began looking into the pair, reported the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Woodward was on duty at the time with the Georgia National Guard in Afghanistan, and East was not on active duty with the Alabama National Guard when he was "doxxed" by Atlanta Antifascists.

East lost his job as a jailer for the Haralson County Sheriff’s Office afterward, and both men have been separated from their National Guard units.

Both men attended a 2017 speech by white nationalist Richard Spencer at Auburn University, where they were photographed carrying signs promoting the "white genocide" slogan.