How George Conway may have foiled a GOP smear campaign blaming Democrats for 'partisan circus' in Senate
George Conway (Photo: Screen capture)

Conservative attorney George Conway speculated on Thursday that Republicans have a not-so-secret plan to turn President Donald Trump's impeachment trial into a "partisan circus" and then blame the Democrats.

Conway made the assertion in a tweet.

Twitter user Teri Kane Field noted that Karl Rove "accused the Democrats of turning the impeachment proceeding into a circus."

"Or how about Republicans’ circus-like occupation of a closed hearing room, on the pretext that they were being shut out, when in fact every Republican member of three separate committees was entitled to attend?" Conway responded.

The conservative attorney, who is married to White House aide Kellyanne Conway, then revealed the Republican plan.

"The *whole Republican strategy* was not to address the evidence, which they can’t do, but to try to turn the impeachment proceedings into a partisan circus—and then complain that the proceedings were a partisan circus," Conway wrote.