Jonathan Turley is wrong -- Trump committed a clear act of 'obstruction': Fox News legal analyst

As the first impeachment hearing before the House Judiciary Committee got underway this Wednesday, Jonathan Turley, a law professor at George Washington University, emerged as the sole voice on the panel of witnesses to offer skepticism of the Democrats' case against President Trump.

According to Turley, Trump's conduct with regards to Ukraine does not rise to the level of a crime that's impeachable. But speaking on Fox News this morning, legal analyst Andrew Napolitano disagreed, saying that Trump committed a clear act of obstruction.

"...the Supreme Court ruled that the President does retain a limited executive privilege when documents are sought from the judicial branch," Napolitano said.

"But where I disagree with my dear friend -- I've worked with him and I've testified alongside of him, Jon Turley -- on the significance of obstruction of justice, he is forgetting that the House has the sole, S-O-L-E power of impeachment," he continued. "It doesn't need to go to a court for approval. It doesn't need go to a court to get its subpoenas enforced. When the president receives a subpoena, or in this case Mick Mulvaney, Mike Pompeo receive a subpoena and they throw it in a drawer, they don't comply or challenge because the president told them to, that is the act of obstruction."