Kushner’s business lawyers say lawsuit over horrific apartment conditions is a ‘political attack’

Responding to a lawsuit from Maryland's Attorney General Brian Frosh charging “unfair or deceptive” rental practices, attorneys for an apartment management company owned by Jared Kushner are saying their client is on the receiving end of a "political attack," The Baltimore Sun reports.

According to the attorneys, Kushner is being singled out by the Maryland AG for his affiliations with the Trump administration, saying Frosh has "overreached, and in overreaching has turned what ought to have been, at best, a small administrative action of dubious merit into a sprawling prosecution threatening to devour the resources of the parties."

Speaking to The Baltimore Sun in October, Frosh said accusations of a political agenda are "ridiculous."

“What we are claiming in this lawsuit is that they were cheating tenants before, during and after their tenancy, and when I tell you there were hundreds of thousands of violations of the Consumer Protection Act, it just begins to convey the seriousness of the charges,” he said. “They caused serious harm and suffering to the people who lived in their units.”

Frosh's lawsuit claims Kushner's companies did not have proper licensing and charged tenants “sham” fees while renting out “distressed, shoddily maintained” units under “conditions that can adversely impact consumers’ health and well being,” adding that tenants "have had to endure living in units that are infested by rodents and vermin, plagued with water leaks that have caused mold and other issues, and, at times, lacking in basic utilities.”

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