Pompeo pilloried after posting photo of policy board Hillary Clinton created that now has ‘lots of white males’ but no women
Pompeo's Foreign Affairs Policy Board

"Welcome to Gilead, folks."

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is under fire after posting a photo of members of his Foreign Affairs Policy Board that is comprised of nearly all white men and no women.

In 2011 then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton created the advisory board. It has, before Secretary Pompeo, been a far more diverse group.

For example, here''s a photo of the Foreign Affairs Policy Board under Secretary of State John Kerry:

In years past, the board has included notable women including former Congresswoman Jane Harman, think tank president Anne-Marie Slaughter, and former governor and EPA administrator Christine Todd Whitman, among others. The initial founding group of 11 included four women, in addition to Sec. Clinton.

On social media many made clear their frustration that yet again a Trump administration project is not representative of America but composed of mostly white male seniors.