Republicans plan to flood House with amendments to sabotage impeachment debate: CNN
Rep. Doug Collins

On Wednesday, CNN congressional correspondent Manu Raju reported that House Republicans are planning to use the markup process for the articles of impeachment, scheduled to take place on Thursday, to introduce a flood of amendments designed to cripple the process.

None of these amendments are likely to have the votes to pass — but they will force House Democrats to waste time voting them down rather than crafting the particulars of their case.

"Tomorrow is when we see the real art of legislating on Capitol Hill," said Raju. "The House Judiciary Committee will consider votes on amendments to the articles of impeachment. Republicans are expected to offer a flurry of amendments aimed at undercutting the articles, to gut the articles, and the democrats are expected to beat back every single one of them. Those votes expected to be along party lines."

"Democrats won't offer their own, but ultimately will vote to approve those articles of impeachment," continued Raju. "Expected tomorrow before we see that full house vote, historic vote next week, likely in the middle of next week, early next week to make President Trump the third president to get impeached by the House."