Secular people in America pose a greater threat than 'North Korea and Islamic terrorists': Franklin Graham
Franklin Graham (Fox News/screen grab)

In a post to his Facebook page this Friday, evangelical leader Franklin Graham declared that when it comes to the real threats facing America, it's not North Korea, Islamic terrorists, or other geopolitical dangers, it's actually coming from "within," namely the fact that America is becoming more and more secular.

"What is the most serious threat facing America as we come to a new year? Cyber attacks from China? North Korea’s nuclear capabilities? A new cold war with Russia? The ongoing fight against Islamic terrorists? All of these are very significant threats," Graham wrote.

"However, the biggest threat to America is not from outside nations—it’s from within," he continued. "The United States is the most blessed nation on earth. And that is because our forefathers gave us a foundation based on God and His Word."

"The biggest threat to our country’s future is that we turn our back on God and have His hand of blessing removed."