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‘The president’s scheme unraveled’: Here are the highlights from House Intel Committee’s impeachment report



Following an abundance of testimony, the House Intelligence Committee has released a detailed, in-depth impeachment report — which lays a strong case for impeaching President Donald Trump.

In the report, House Intelligence notes that Trump “pressed” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to “do a political favor.”

“President Zelensky followed this advice during his conversation with President Trump,” the report notes. “President Zelensky assured that he would pursue the investigations that President Trump had discussed — into the Bidens and 2016 election interference — and, in turn, pressed for the White House meeting that remained outstanding. Trump’s representatives, according to the report, “ratcheted up pressure” on Zelensky — and the report goes on to say that Ukrainians “inquired about the president’s hold on security assistance.”


The report outlines the ways in which Trump’s “security assistance hold became public” and “the president’s scheme unraveled.” Moreover, the report explains, White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney “confirmed” that “aid” to Ukraine “was conditioned on investigations.”

The House Intelligence Committee’s report outlines Trump’s “unprecedented effort to obstruct an impeachment inquiry” and notes the United States’ “constitutional authority for congressional oversight and impeachment.” Trump, the report points out, refused to comply with the inquiry or “allow top aides to testify.”

Those aides range from Mulvaney to Energy Secretary Rick Perry to Former National Security Adviser John Bolton.

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Ex-Trump adviser launches attack on Roger Stone’s jury forewoman — then dares her to sue him



On Saturday's edition of MSNBC's "Weekends," former Trump adviser Sam Nunberg went off on a rant attacking the jury forewoman in Roger Stone's trial, accusing her of being a liar and daring her to sue him.

"That trial, I had problems with it," said Nunberg. "Amy Berman Jackson, the judge, said things at the Manafort trial that made her completely conflicted to do this trial. There was an issue with the foreman. It came out she lied ... that's what Roger is appealing."

"So, Sam, you're just saying that a jury foreman and a judge were lying," said anchor Alex Witt. "Where is the proof on that?"

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Trump’s ‘full-on racism’ will ‘go way uglier’ as election nears: Ex-White House official



On MSNBC Saturday, former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci warned that President Donald Trump's toxicity on race relations will only worsen in the run-up to the election in November.

"You were in charge, for a brief time, but for communications from this White House, and it does seem that Trump is going there because that's where he thinks he has to go," said host Joy Reid. "92 percent of African-Americans, not surprisingly, disapprove of Donald Trump's handling of race. But even 57 percent of white Americans disapprove of his handling of race relations. There's a lot of white marchers out there, marching for Black Lives Matter. Has he miscalculated and misread white people, at least the majority of them, in this moment?"

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Trump leveled in brutal Never-Trumper Republican ad accusing him of turning US into a ‘banana republic’



In an ad released by Republicans Voter Against Trump, the president was accused of turning the U.S. into a "banana republic" after he commuted the sentence of Roger Stone who was convicted of multiple felonies.

Coming just hours after the president handed Stone a get-out-of-jail-card that kept him from turning himself into jail later this month, the dissident Republican group posted their new ad to Twitter which accused Stone of "lying under to oath" to protect Trump, while also noting that Stone was looking at three years in jail.

The ad also notes that a "criminal who lies to protect Trump goes free."

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