'They murdered him!’ Family blasts cops after hijacked UPS driver killed in 'wild west' shootout

The family of a Florida UPS driver killed during a shootout between police and the individuals who hijacked his delivery truck is speaking out. In an interview to Local 10 News, the stepfather of Frank Ordonez lashed out at police, who he says were responsible for his stepson's death.

“They murdered him,” Joe Merino said. “I hope you can understand that and how I feel because it could have been prevented.”

Merino acknowledged that he didn't know the exact circumstances that led to the shootout, but wondered by police were so quick to open fire with so many innocent bystanders in the way.

“I have common sense, like we all do, and it shows me, where’s the protocol? Where was protocol? Where was SWAT? Where was the hostage negotiator? Where was the sniper?” Merino said. “They shot him dead!"

“The negligence, the irresponsibility, the lack of life, the lack of concern," he continued. “The disregard for life for the victim.”

Merino likened the scene of the shootout to the “wild, wild west.”

“There’s bullets everywhere," he said. "It was a war zone. How can this happen in today’s day and age?”