'Those beautiful letters will protect us!' John Bolton mocked for belatedly criticizing Trump's North Korea policy
US National Security Advisor John Bolton, pictured in Jerusalem in August 2018, described the International Criminal Court as 'outright dangerous'. (POOL/AFP/File / ABIR SULTAN)

Former national security adviser John Bolton on Monday delivered a thinly veiled shot at President Donald Trump's policy toward North Korea -- and he was promptly buried by Twitter followers who hammered him for not testifying before the House of Representatives' impeachment inquiry.

"We say that it's unacceptable for North Korea to obtain nuclear weapons, but that's more rhetorical than a real policy at this point," Bolton wrote on Twitter. "The risk to U.S. forces and our allies is imminent and more effective policy is required before North Korea has the technology to threaten the American homeland."

Bolton's tweet came at a time when CNN reports that North Korea may take denuclearization completely off the negotiating table, which would represent a failure of Trump's efforts to get the country to abandon its nuclear weapons.

Bolton's belated criticism of the president's North Korea policy, which has essentially stayed the same for years and has produced no concrete results, was roundly ridiculed by other Twitter users -- check out some reactions below.