Trump-appointed ambassador sends out invite for 'End of Presidency' holiday party
U.S. Ambassador Kelly Craft isn't sure what science is really all about (Photo: Screen capture)

Kelly Craft, the Trump-appointed U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, has sent out a holiday party invitation that touts itself as a celebration of the "end of presidency."

As flagged by Axios reporter Jonathan Swan, UN ambassador Kelly Craft's office sent out a "Save the Date" notice for the "End of Presidency and Holiday Reception" that is scheduled to take place on December 20th at the New York Public Library.

CNBC reporter Christina Wilkie explains that Craft "referring to the monthly rotation of the presidency of the UN Security Council, which the US holds this month," not the end of Donald Trump's presidency.

Nonetheless, December 20th is also around the time that House Democrats will likely be holding votes to impeach the president, which makes the statement highly ironic.

See the invitation yourself below.