Trump complained about Obama’s Hanukkah party — yet did it even worse himself
Trump Hanukkah party 2019 (Photo: Screen capture)

President Donald Trump held the official White House Hanukkah party weeks before the holiday was slated to begin on Dec. 22.

Ironically, however, in 2011, Trump attacked President Barack Obama for holding an early Hanukkah party because he would be in Hawaii for the family's annual Christmas celebration.

"Why was the Hanukah celebration held in the White House two weeks early? @BarackObama wants to vacation in Hawaii in late December. Sad," Trump tweeted.

Just a few years later when it was his turn to hold a White House Hanukkah party, the goy-in-chief did it even earlier than Obama. In 2011, Obama held his party one week before the "eight crazy nights" began. Trump's party is 11 days out from Hanukkah. Trump lit the candles anyway.

It's unknown when Trump intends to leave Washington for his holiday celebrations. It's assumed he will opt for the warmth of his Mar-a-Lago golf course, but the White House hasn't announced details.