Trump demands ‘no more time should be wasted’ on impeachment — while on vacation in Florida
President Donald Trump golfing (Twitter)

President Donald Trump returned from his vacation on the golf course to rail against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

He proclaimed that Pelosi would likely be losing the House in 2020, something that flies in the face of all of the polls and electoral shifts over the last two years, which favor Democrats. A substantial number of Republicans have also announced they are retiring this year.

He then turned to goad Pelosi into sending the articles of impeachment to the Senate as soon as possible. If the articles were sent now, it would be before courts decide whether Trump's officials must comply with subpoenas. It also would come before courts say documents must be released. Several lawsuits are being decided after Freedom of Information Act requests by news outlets. What has been discovered so far isn't helping Trump.

Trump claimed that time was being wasted, after spending another day on the golf course instead of working. He's spent a total of 231 days golfing out of 1,797 days in office. It has cost taxpayers $115,000,000 according to a GAO report cited by TrumpGolfCount.

"Nancy Pelosi, who has already lost the House & Speakership once, & is about to lose it again, is doing everything she can to delay the zero Republican vote Articles of Impeachment," Trump tweeted. "What right does Crazy Nancy have to hold up this Senate trial. None! She has a bad case and would rather not have a negative decision. This Witch Hunt must end NOW with a trial in the Senate, or let her default & lose. No more time should be wasted on this Impeachment Scam!"