Trump’s muddled messaging mocked after he demands ‘fast’ impeachment – then lashes out when Pelosi grants his wish

President Donald Trump demanded a speedy resolution to the impeachment process, and then he lashed out when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi granted his wish.

The president complained Thursday morning that House Democrats were dragging out the process, and a short time later Pelosi called on House Judiciary Committee chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) to draft articles of impeachment.

That set Trump into another rage spasm.

"The Do Nothing, Radical Left Democrats have just announced that they are going to seek to Impeach me over NOTHING," Trump tweeted. "They already gave up on the ridiculous Mueller 'stuff,' so now they hang their hats on two totally appropriate (perfect) phone calls with the Ukrainian President."

"This will mean that the beyond important and seldom used act of Impeachment will be used routinely to attack future Presidents," he added. "That is not what our Founders had in mind. The good thing is that the Republicans have NEVER been more united. We will win!"

Other social media users ridiculed the president's mixed messaging.