Trump activist stole Social Security benefits from her mother with dementia — and is headed to jail
Right-wing commentator Karyn Turk with Donald Trump (Photo: Instagram)

One of President Donald Trump's far-right MAGA activists is headed to jail after being caught defrauding Social Security.

Commentator Karyn Turk scored tens of thousands of dollars from her mother's social security benefits and pleaded guilty in September. It's an ironic twist because Trump's 2020 budget would have slashed Social Security, but Democrats blocked it.

Right Wing Watch noted that Turk was sentenced last week. After spending one month in prison she'll then spend five months under house arrest.

Turk is a former Ms. Florida who became a conservative commentator. Her mother was in an assisted living center where she was suffering from dementia, according to The Sun-Sentinel. Turk stole the money and never sent it to the nursing home.

"In separate cases in civil court, the nursing home, the mother’s court-appointed guardian and the guardian’s lawyers are all suing Turk to collect money they say she owes them as the representative of her mother’s estate," the report said. "The total amount owed according to the three lawsuits is more than $320,000."

Turk is appealing the sentence and saying she is a victim of a partisan witch hunt.