CNN cracks up at Trump’s lawyer demanding people stop questioning motives: ‘Who does Pat Cipollone work for?’
CNN chief political analyst Gloria Borger/CNN screen shot

There was an interesting question about the bipartisanship of the impeachment trial Thursday.

CNN chief political correspondent Gloria Borger noted on one statement, in particular, jumped out at her.

"One thing I noticed about today though is, I think today was just so much more political, about people's motives, you know, what they're really doing this for, they want to overturn an election," she explained.

"And what struck me was when Pat Cipollone got up, the president's counsel, and said, 'it's time we stop assuming that everybody has horrible motives.' Just cut this out," she said, as other panelists laughed.

"You have to ask yourself, 'Who does Pat Cipollone work for?' The president of the United States, who calls everybody names, who questions their motives," she noted.