Comedian DL Hughley explains why musician Cardi B is electable in the age of Trump
D.L. Hughley appears on the Daily Show with Trevor Noah/Screenshot

Speaking to TMZ this Monday, comedian D.L. Hughley had some disparaging things to say about the US electorate, saying that since America elected a TV celebrity as president, there's no reason why rapper Cardi B can't win an election.

“I will put nothing past the American electorate. The only thing that you don’t need experience to do is to hold elected office in America,” Hughley said.

“When you elect a game show host as president, all hope is off,” he added.

Cardi B has expressed an interest in politics as of late. In a series of tweets from this Sunday, the rapper said that she wants to be a politician.

"I really love government even tho I don’t agree with [Government]," she wrote.

According to Hughley, he's amazed at the lack of political experience when it comes to candidates elected to high office.

“You wouldn’t go to a doctor who didn’t have experience," he said. "You wouldn’t let an airplane pilot fly who didn’t have experience. The reason why we’re in the situations we are in right now is … people have little [to] no experience and aren’t interested in it.”

Watch, via TMZ: