Conservative says Republicans won't want to stop confirming right-wing judges just to hear witnesses in impeachment
Scott Jennings appears on CNN (Screen cap).

Conservative CNN commentator Scott Jennings was asked about Sen. John Kennedy's (R-LA) comments that most senators were hearing the facts of the trial for the first time Wednesday night.

“I’ve learned a lot. Everybody has. Senators didn’t know the case,” Kennedy admitted. “They really didn’t.”

He claimed that nine out of ten senators learned something new and the tenth is lying.

Jennings dismissed the information, saying that whatever happens in the trial, senators won't want to "shut down the Senate" just to hear witnesses. He claimed that President Donald Trump's legal team would make that argument to the senators.

The U.S. Senate hasn't passed much in the year, despite over 400 bills that the House has passed and sent to the Senate for a vote. Only 70 bills have passed both houses of Congress and ten of those were about renaming post offices. The only thing the Senate seems to work on is passing Trump's right-wing judges.

See Jennings' comments below: