Dem looking to take Devin Nunes' seat raises almost $1 million during impeachment hearings

California Democrat Phil Arballo wants to take Rep. Devin Nunes' seat, and he's raised over $1 million by the end of the year, McClatchy reports. More than $700,000 of those funds came in the final quarter.

Nearly half of the Arballo's funds were raised during the Democrats' impeachment hearings -- a spectacle that saw Nunes emerge as one of President Trump's most vocal defenders. In just the span between mid-November and early December, Arballo raised a whopping $450,000. Arballo still hasn't stated a clear position as to whether or not he supports impeachment.

“Phil believes Congress has a moral obligation to hold the president accountable, but his focus is on replacing Nunes with an honest representative who will focus on fighting for quality, affordable health care, good jobs, clean air and water,” Arballo's campaign spokesman Andrew Feldman said.

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