Dershowitz admits he's 'not an expert on the underlying facts' of Trump’s impeachment with trial just days away
Alan Dershowitz -- ABC screenshot

On CNN Saturday, former Harvard Law professor and attorney Alan Dershowitz, who will be speaking in President Donald Trump's defense at the Senate impeachment trial, admitted to host Michael Smerconish that he was "not an expert" in the underlying facts of President Donald Trump's impeachment — but opposes it anyway.

"It seems to me you are casting your role as more expert witness than advocate," said Smerconish. "Let me ask you this. are you uncomfortable arguing the underlying facts of this case?"

"I'm just not an expert on the underlying facts," said Dershowitz. "I'd be perfectly comfortable arguing any aspect of this. I have argued some of them in my writings. I'm an advocate, not a witness. I'm advocating against impeachment. I think it would create a terrible, terrible precedent for future presidents if we were to weaponize the impeachment provisions of the constitution and apply them to any president who was accused of abusing his power. That would have included Adams, Jefferson, Lincoln, Roosevelt, you name it. Virtually half of our presidents have been accused of abusing their power. As to obstruction of Congress, it's an invented concept."

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