‘Desperate’ Martha McSally blasted for shilling T-shirts in a ‘tone deaf’ attempt to capitalize on her ‘liberal hack’ outburst
Tucson Rep. Martha McSally, who wants a wall between her corner of desert scrubland and the majesty of the California coast/Screenshot

In the wake of a deluge of media attention for her calling CNN Congressional reporter Manu Raju a "liberal hack," Sen. Martha McSally (R-AZ) decided to capitalize on the publicity and sell T-shirts with the phrase "You're a liberal hack, buddy" to raise funds for her election campaign. According to Laurie Roberts in an op-ed for the AZ Central this Monday, the move is both a fashion statement and political statement -- but ultimately it's a statement "of just how desperate Arizona’s unelected senator is to boost her treasury as she campaigns to hang onto the seat."

So far, McSally is lagging behind the fundraising efforts of her opponent, Democrat Mark Kelly. But according to Roberts, McSally's campaign to turn her insult of a news reporter into a hook for Trump tweets and "face time with Sean Hannity" will have to reach voters who are growing tired of "hacks of both the liberal and conservative persuasion."

"They have no great love for the media," Roberts writes. "But they have a great love for this nation and they're wondering whatever happened to middle ground and working outside of the foxhole for the good not of party but of country."

"Does McSally have any clue how tone deaf she sounds?"

Read Roberts' full op-ed over at the AZ Central.