'Donald, do NOT get any ideas': Internet makes logical jump as Putin proposes changes to remain in power
Trump's relationship with Moscow has stalked the first year of his presidency, with key former aides under a US investigation for alleged collaboration with the Kremlin. (SPUTNIK/AFP / Mikhail KLIMENTYEV)

Reacting to reports that Vladimir Putin is proposing changes to the government that would allow him to exert his power long after he has stepped down as Russia's president drew reactions form Twitter users who fear Donald Trump may attempt to take a similar route with a Republican Party that refuses to rein him in.

According to the Financial Times' Max Seddon, "Putin announces big constitutional referendum as part of apparent plans to stay on when his term expires in 2024. Measures include strengthening the powers of parliament and a two-term presidential limit. Raises chance he becomes PM or heads a revamped State Council, Deng-style."

Needless to say, the American president's admiration for the Russian strongman led many to speculate that Trump would find just such an arrangement for himself to be quite appealing.

You can read some reactions below: