GOP congressmen are fleeing Trump's Washington at a rapid pace -- and more could soon be on the way out
Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy

Republican congressmen in 2019 announced their retirements at a historically fast pace -- and more could be on the way this year.

According to analysis conducted by Roll Call, "27 House members announced they will retire" last year alone, which already was above the historic average of 23 lawmakers who announce retirements during two-year campaign cycles.

The vast majority of retirements have come from Republicans, who similarly retired en masse during the electoral wipeout in the House of Representatives that saw Democrats gain over 40 seats in the 2018 midterm elections.

"Nine lawmakers -- eight Republicans and one Democrat -- are leaving districts that could be competitive races in 2020, according to Inside Elections’ race ratings," Roll Call writes. "Their exits could be a problem for the parties looking to hold onto their seats, since incumbents tend to have advantages in name recognition and fundraising."

Added to this, Roll Call reports, more Republican retirements could be on the way.

"Early in 2019, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee put out a 'retirement watch' list of 23 Republicans, most in districts the DCCC sees as potential pickup opportunities," the publication reports. "So far, two of those lawmakers resigned and six announced their retirements."