GOP senator flops hard when CNN's Tapper asks him to name one case where Trump cared about foreign corruption

Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) on Friday furiously tried to deflect when CNN's Jake Tapper asked him to name one instance other than Ukraine where President Donald Trump held up foreign aid to a country because he was concerned it was not fighting corruption.

During an interview, Tapper asked Lankford if he agreed that Trump's primary concern in holding up military assistance to Ukraine was because he sincerely wanted to root out corruption in the country rather than urge it to investigate his political opponents.

"Yes, I do actually think he's concerned about corruption and the people of Ukraine," the senator replied.

However, Lankford was totally unprepared for the obvious followup question that came next.

"Can you give me one more example, one other example of anywhere where President Trump has ever expressed concern about corruption?" he asked. "Russia, Saudi Arabia, Israel -- is there any example you can point to where President Trump expressed any concern about corruption?"

"Sure I can, if you want me to send you a long list..." Lankford began.

"Just give me a couple examples," Tapper pressed.

"You're trying to put me on the spot to be able to talk about international world policy!" a defensive Lankford shot back.

Watch the video below.