GOP’s Mark Meadows sputters as he clashes with CNN reporter over allowing witnesses at Trump’s trial

Speaking with CNN's Dana Bash this Wednesday, Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) acknowledged that he's now one of the newest members of President Trump's defense team and pushed back on questions surrounding the Republicans' resistance to calling witnesses in Trump's impeachment trial, saying that Democrats' desire to call witnesses this late in the game is indicative that their case is not as "indisputable" as they think.

"You don't impeach a president and then go on a fishing expedition in the Senate," Meadows said. "It's just not the way our Constitution is set up."

Bash then asked Meadows: "Why not get as much information so that you can make the right decision based on all of the facts, not just the facts that the White House wants to provide, or not provide, because perhaps they're worried about what it would do..."

"Well, that's saying they're guilty until proven innocent," Meadows interjected. "And that's not who we are as Americans."

"And do you think that withholding it suggests that he's guilty?" Bash countered. "So if he's not guilty, why not give it over?"

"Because -- that's suggesting that someone's guilty, without the facts," Meadows stammered.

Watch the full exchange below: