#ILeftTheGOP: Former Republicans reveal why they fled the party in wake of Trump's latest coverup

Leaked contents from former national security adviser John Bolton's upcoming book sent shock waves through Washington, D.C. on Sunday and raised the possibility that Senate Republicans will be seen as engaging in a blatant coverup if they don't agree to have him testify.

In the wake of the Bolton bombshell, several former Republicans took to Twitter to explain why they left the party by using the hashtag "#ILeftTheGOP."

Among the former Republicans to tell their stories is economist Bruce Bartlett, who left the GOP 14 years ago and who says the party has only gotten worse ever since.

"#ILeftTheGOP in 2006 because I was appalled by George W. Bush's stupidity and voted in the Democratic primary that year to mark the occasion," he writes. "I have been happily independent since then."

Bartlett was far from the only Republican to post their stories -- check out some more below.