Rick Wilson warns John Bolton: Go public now or risk Trump ‘wrecking your book and your life’
Republican strategist Rick Wilson. Image via screengrab.

Conservative strategist Rick Wilson is sending an urgent message to former Trump national security adviser John Bolton: Go public now or risk losing everything.

Reacting to the latest bombshell news about Bolton's claims that the president personally asked him to help with his Ukraine pressure campaign, Wilson argues that Bolton does not have much time before the White House goes into full attack mode against him, and that his only choice to get the truth out is by coming forward in public right now.

"Bolton is such a smart bureaucratic infighter that he should understand Barr and the White House are only a few hours away from wrecking his book and his life," Wilson writes on Twitter. "Trump might even try to leverage Barr to pursue him on criminal charges. His only path is to make it all public."

Earlier on Friday, Wilson appealed directly to Bolton's ego in pleading with him to come forward.

"If John Bolton wants to be the decisive man of the era, destined for the history books, he’ll do a press gaggle in the next hour, book on every news show tonight, and lay down the truth of Trump’s corrupt scheme," he pleaded. "Imagine being able to bend history to your will, John."