'They're all in on King Donald': Ex-White House official accuses Alan Dershowitz of making case for a 'totalitarian govt'
(AFP / Nicholas Kamm)

According to former White House Press Secretary Joe Lockhart, attorney Alan Dershowitz did nothing less on the floor of the Senate on Wednesday than make the case for a "totalitarian government" overseen by "King Donald" Trump.

Taking to Twitter to discuss Wednesday's proceedings with former White House counsel John Dean, Lockhart lad out his own case for what he called the "Dershowitz doctrine."

"Alan Dershowitz unimpeached Richard Nixon today. All Nixon was doing was obstructing justice and abusing power because he thought he was the best person for the USA to be POTUS. When POTUS does it... etc. Seriously, that was his motive! Agree with Alan and impeachment is gone" Dean wrote, to which Lockhart replied, "It's not as simple as agree with Alan. He was on the floor of the Senate representing the President of the United States. The President obviously agrees or he wouldn't be there. The President will use an acquittal vote to implement even more the Dershowitz doctrine. Frightening"

He then added, "Alan Dershowitz, representing the President made the case yesterday for a totalitarian govt. A govt. where the President can do anything if it helps himself. And the Republicans in the room never blinked. Didn't even ask a question to clarify. They're all in on King Donald."

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