Trump campaign scrambling to defend president's unpredictable behavior as 2020 election nears: report
President Donald Trump (MSNBC)

President Donald Trump's re-election team planned on selling a second term with slogans like “promises made, promises kept” and “big government socialism,” but instead they're scrambling to stay ahead of an impeachment trial and escalating tensions with Iran.

The White House lurches along behind the president's constantly shifting message, with late and sometimes conflicting statements, but his re-election campaign just pushes out whatever talking points are needed to justify any decision Trump makes, reported Politico.

“You never know what tomorrow will bring,” said one campaign aide.

After Trump ordered the assassination of Iranian general Qassim Suleimani and Tehran retaliated with missile strikes, the Trump campaign blasted supporters with fundraising texts, emails and social media posts boasting about "another dead terrorist."

“America is sending a clear message to bloodthirsty savages around the world," the 2020 campaign tweeted out. "You don’t stand a chance against the righteous might of the United States military."

Trump allies believe both issues -- impeachment and Iran -- will help his re-election campaign, but some former administration officials aren't so sure.

“They should stick to bread and butter issues,” said one former official. “They should pound away at the economy, safety, immigration. People eventually vote on what impacts them and what they feel.”