Trump-loving conspiracy nut who sent creepy texts to teen girls ends his congressional campaign after 10 days
Michael Moates with Sean Hannity (Photo: Facebook)

Michael Moates, a Trump-loving conspiracy theorist who has been accused by multiple underage girls of making inappropriate sexual comments, has ended his congressional campaign just over one week after it was announced.

The Daily Beast reports that Moates on December 30th announced he would be running in Texas's 26th congressional district in a bid to replace Rep. Michael C. Burgess (R-TX).

However, Moates has a long history of making controversial statements, including his efforts to peddle the crazed "QAnon" conspiracy theory that claims President Donald Trump is engaged in a secret battle to expose the entire Democratic Party as a Satanist global pedophile ring.

And back in 2018, a report from Right Wing Watch documented how multiple pro-life Christian teens accused the then-23-year-old Moates of making sexual comments to them and sending them “inappropriate” photos despite knowing that they were underage.

Moates responded to the accusations by saying, “The fact that you can’t call a woman beautiful without offending them anymore is a problem.”

When The Daily Beast asked Moates how he planned to overcome these controversies, as well as his recent ban from Twitter, he replied that his campaign was already over after just ten days.

"I have withdrawn my candidacy so the point is moot," he said.