WATCH: Adam Schiff takes a thinly veiled shot at Alan Dershowitz during impeachment trial
Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) (Screen cap).

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) on Wednesday took a thinly veiled shot at Alan Dershowitz, who has agreed to serve on President Donald Trump's impeachment defense team.

During his opening statement, Schiff ridiculed the argument made by Dershowitz that presidents cannot be impeached on charges of abuse of power, which is what Trump has been impeached on and what former President Richard Nixon would have been impeached on had he not resigned.

"You will hear the president's lawyers make the astounding claim that you can't impeach a president for abusing the powers of his office," Schiff said.

The California Democrat then mocked the president's legal team for having to resort to Dershowitz to make this outlandish claim.

"Apparently they could not go to their own attorney general, who... in a memo he wrote as part of the audition for attorney general... opined that a president can be impeached for abusing the public trust," Schiff said. "Couldn't go to Bill Barr for that opinion, could go even to Jonathan Turley, their expert in the House, for that opinion. No, they had go outside of these experts to a criminal defense lawyer and professor."

While Schiff didn't name names, there is little doubt he was referring to Dershowitz.

Watch the video below.