Answer to 'biggest question of the impeachment inquiry' is being blocked by Trump: op-ed
President Donald J. Trump, White House photo by Shealah Craighead

The Trump administration is blocking documents that contain emails regarding President Trump's infamous phone call with Ukraine's president where the decision was made to withhold military aid to the country. If Trump is as innocent as he he claims, why block the emails? That's a question EJ Montini asked in a op-ed for AZ Central published this Monday.

"I mean, given everything Trump has said about how innocent he was, and how Republican senators, including our own appointed Martha McSally, have gone out on a limb to support him, don’t those emails sound like the sort of documentation that could prove Trump completely innocent of any wrongdoing?" Montini writes.

The White House has been fighting the release of the emails for a while now, and they have just the kind of information "that a conscientious U.S. senator would want to know prior to casting any vote on the president’s guilt or innocence."

"And those emails involving the Ukrainian military aid, which the White House could have released months ago, and which they are still blocking, will not become public until – who knows when? – sometime after the senators vote," Montini continues.

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