'Barr is a toady': Jeffrey Toobin says talk of attorney general resigning is 'just a big show'
CNN's Jeffrey Toobin (Screen cap).

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin says he doesn't believe Attorney General William Barr when he claims he considered resigning from the Trump administration.

Sources close to Barr told ABC News that the attorney general had contemplated quitting because President Donald Trump's tweets make it difficult for him to do his job.

"Barr is a toady," Toobin explained during an appearance on CNN. "Barr is doing what he's told. He had this one statement, 'Oh, whoa is me, it's hard for me to do my job when the president tweets.'"

"But do you see him doing anything?" he continued. "Is he going to resign? No way. He is doing the president's bidding. He's reviewing all of [former special counsel Robert Mueller's] convictions, he is going outside the norms of how the Justice Department is supposed to behave in line with the president's wishes."

"So, I think all of this resigning is just a big show to make him look more independent than he actually is," Toobin remarked.

Watch the video below from CNN.