‘Borderline lewd’ but I liked it: Fox News host confused about JLo and Shakira Super Bowl halftime show
Fox News Senior Political Analyst Brit Hume (screen grab)

Fox News host Brit Hume had an internal struggle about whether he liked the Super Bowl halftime show or not.

During his new Fox show Monday, Bill Hemmer gave props to Fox Sports and called the broadcast an "overall fantastic experience."

"I thought it was borderline lewd but that doesn't mean I didn't like it," admitted Hume.

"Watch it now," Hemmer said as the panel cracked up laughing.

Many have written about the halftime show and the activist nature it had with advocacy for Puerto Rico, which Trump has treated as the bastard-child to the United States. The Latin flavor to the show with Spanish-speaking lines and covert political signals was a gift to activists battling right-wing racism in the era of Trump.

Still, Hume liked it.

Watch below: