CNN interview flies off the rails as Biden spokeswoman refuses to say if Iowa caucus results are legitimate

Biden campaign spokeswoman Symone Sanders got into a heated discussion with Briana Keilar on Wednesday when the CNN host asked if her campaign believed the results of the Iowa caucus were legitimate.

During her interview with Sanders, Keilar asked if she was standing by her assertions from earlier in the week that called into question the data collected by the Iowa Democratic Party about the results of the election.

Sanders, however, refused to answer her question and deflected about how badly the Iowa Democrats bungled the reporting process.

"The results we are seeing are partial results," Sanders said. "We do not have all the data, we are moving forward."

"The data that you have, are you putting that into doubt?" Keilar pressed. "This is important. Symone... I want to pin you down on this, this is very important... are you saying we should doubt the results that we see? Are you saying we should doubt the numbers we see?"

"I am saying, on Monday night in Iowa, there were failures across the process when it came to the Iowa caucuses," Sanders replied.

"Do believe the results?" Keilar continued. "Do you believe the data we are seeing?"

"People were waiting for two hours," Sanders replied, again deflecting the question.

Watch the full video below.