CNN's Elie Honig praises DOJ lawyers for revolt against Barr: 'Like students rising up against the oppressive headmaster'
CNN legal analyst Elie Honig (Screen cap).

CNN legal analyst Elie Honig on Thursday heaped praise upon Department of Justice prosecutors who disregarded many of the changes to sentencing guidelines for convicted Trump ally Roger Stone that were made by Attorney General Bill Barr.

When asked by CNN's Kate Bolduan for his reaction to the prosecutors' actions, Honig responded enthusiastically.

"I applaud what this prosecutor is doing," he said. "And as a DOJ alumni on the front lines trying cases, I'm so impressed by this. This is like the scene [in a movie] where the students rise up and push back against the oppressive headmaster."

Honig then showed how the DOJ prosecutors seemed to be leaning much more on the original sentencing guidelines, which recommended that Stone receive between seven to nine years in prison.

"They're going back to the original memo, saying there was confusion and it wasn't on the part -- wasn't the fault of the original prosecutors," he said.

And even though Barr had called the original recommendation excessive, the prosecutors in court now seem to be arguing against Barr's judgement.

"It's the opposite of what's happening in the courtroom right now," said Bolduan, referring to Barr's recommendations.

Watch the video below.