Ex-prosecutor thinks judge will lock up Harvey Weinstein: If he was a young Black man he'd go straight to jail
Harvey Weinstein (AFP)

Hollywood producer Havey Weinstein was found guilty on two of the five counts of criminal sexual acts on Monday and federal prosecutors think that he'll be immediately hauled into prison.

Former federal prosecutor Cynthia Alksne explained that Weinstein has already attempted to get out of his house arrest monitor and would absolutely be considered a flight risk.

While he’s facing separate charges in California, Weinstein will still be sentenced in New York.

"Just because he's rich and famous doesn't mean he should get different treatment than any other defendant that is convicted of two felonies in New York," she said. "I mean, if you were a young Black man and you were convicted of two serious felonies -- first-degree rape -- you'd go straight to jail. And he should get the same treatment."

She noted that he has a reason to flee and the money to do it, and for that reason, she anticipates the judge will put him in prison.

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