'It has the potential to be vicious': CNN's Gregory says Bloomberg faces real peril in first Dem debate
Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, photo by Gage Skidmore

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has now secured a spot in the next Democratic debate, and CNN's David Gregory said that has the potential to either solidify his status as a frontrunner or kill his campaign's momentum dead in its tracks.

So far, Bloomberg has benefited from flooding TV and social media with advertisements funded by his own personal fortune, but hasn't faced real scrutiny in person from his fellow Democratic candidates.

However, Gregory said that could all change the minute Bloomberg takes the debate stage.

"I think it has the potential to be vicious on the debate stage and, yeah, you know, these debates matter," he said. "There is the potential for real moments. How do you handle the stress of being tested by fellow candidates by tough questions by moderators, what kind of poise do you show? All of that is on the line right here."

However, Gregory also predicted that many Democratic voters would nonetheless warm to Bloomberg if they saw him as a legitimate force to beat President Donald Trump.

"A lot of Democrats are going to be like, 'Look, get over it if you want to beat Trump, if that's the top priority,'" he said.

Watch the video below.