It's the affordability, stupid. Can this one word put a Democrat back in the White House?
Columbia, South Carolina, USA - January 20, 2020: Bernie Sanders (D), Tom Steyer (D), Kat Taylor, Elizabeth Warren (D) and Amy Klobuchar (D) attend King Day At The Dome in Columbia S.C. on MLK Day.

Paige Black is a 24-year-old from Northeast Philadelphia with a college degree in biochemistry and exactly the job she was aiming for, as a hospital lab technician. But she’s also forced to live at home with her parents, middle-class retirees, and has no idea when she’ll ever get a place of her own — all because of one thing she failed to calculate.That is, calculate in the most literal sense of the word.Her student debt. A whopping $130,000 worth. Black told me in a Twitter interview that it wasn’t until she graduated from Chestnut Hill College that she realized the full impact of the 12% int...

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